Conor finished 5th at Tour of Poyang Lake

Final Wrap up from Tour of Poyang Lake

Day 10

HOLY COW. We quickly found out why today didn't count for the overall. This was by far the sketchiest race/course we have ever raced. The course was not even as wide as a bike path back home. The course was a 3km loop 25 times. It started with a steep climb about two min long. By far the hardest climb all week. Then a super fast decent with two very shape narrow corners. You could only fit one guy through the corner at a time because it was so tight. And to add to that the course was wet from the rain last night so it was soooo slick. Luckily for us we could run 55psi. I wasn't worried about us slipping out it was the other 120 guys and 90psi. The race started straight up the climb. Maybe 600m it to the race there was a big crash about half way. This split the field and only Isaac and I made it threw with out getting affected. A dude crashed and then ran across the course and ran into Bryan and knocked him over. He was fine but no way he was gonna make it back. Drew,Kevin and Tino were in the massive field behind due to that stupid crash. The lead group might of had 25 dudes. On the second lap on the decent the guy behind me went straight threw the corner straight into a tree at 30mph breaking his collar bone. This was so unsafe. I noticed a lot of GC guys dropping out not wanting to risk it because it didn't count. So I dropped back and dropped out at 40min. The course even got more dangerous because they wouldn't pull lapped riders until they got lapped twice. A group of 3 guys eventually got off the front. And then there would be lapped riders jumping in with the lead break. It was such bullshit. Issac then took a hard crash with about 8 laps to go. All because off lapped riders not getting off the course in the tight corners. He was able to get 2 free laps but his shifter was broken and got some good road rash. He got back into the race with his shifter hanging on by a thread. He finished top 15 or so. I still can't believe how dangerous today was. There was even monkeys on the course. Tomorrow is the last stage that counts for the overall and then we have one day off and then a one day race. We're off to get some McDonalds now. The only thing edible this morning at breakfast was rice and watermelon.

Final Stage

Today was the last stage of Poyang Lake. 8km laps 12 times. There were a lot of attacks but it was gonna be hard to stay away with all the GC a teams wanting a sprint. So our plan was to take it easy and just follow wheels if we were in position. All of us made breaks but nothing lasted to long. We knew it was going to be a field sprint. So with 1 laps to go we were all lined up about 10 wheels back. There was a break of 6 with 40 seconds up the road. We took the front with 3km to go. This was right at the bottom of the little climb. The boys were incredible. There were a few teams that tried to come over the top of us but we were going so fast it was impossible. We caught the break with 1km to go. We had a little miscommunication in the last 200m. Isaac ended the stage in 5th. I actually moved up one position in the overall. So I finished 5th overall at the Tour of Poyang Lake thanks to this amazing team. I can't thank them enough.