Day 6-9 Wrap up

Day 6-9 Wrap Up

Day 6

Some more bad luck today. The race started on a 3k loop we did 3 times before heading out of course. Lots of attacks as usually but nothing getting away. The rest of the course was in some rolling terrain. On massive closed hwys it was pretty amazing. Some good short power climbs that was single file the whole time. It's was pretty dang hard. Kevin had been having some stomach issues so he was hurting today but still was able to close some dangerous moves. It was apparent with about 20k to go nothing was getting away. Are bad luck hit with 5k to go with a massive crash with about 20 guys at 35mph. Drew and I were two of the lucky ones that hit the deck. Drews shifter sheered in half and got some road rash. I just got a nasty burn on my calf. I was able to get back on and lucky Tino was behind the wreck and killed himself to get me into the caravan. Though no on really knows how to drive a caravan so it was still super hard. I was able to get to 20sec off the back with 2k. There were even more crashes in the last k so I was unable to catch the peloton. Though we're now working on getting the 3k rule saying I crashed in the last k so we don't loose time. From the sounds of it the sprint was super sketchy and Isaac finished somewhere in the top 15

Day 7

FAST day today. 16km laps 10 times around a lake on roads the size of a bike path all the way around. The first 1:40hrs were filled with constant attacking. The team did amazing and was in all the moves which allowed me to follow the GC guys up the road. It was sooo hard. A good break got away with Drew but only lasted about 20min. Then another break got away with Kevin in it. The break quickly established and got around 2min and the leader of the race got his team to the front to bring it back. This allowed us to take it easy but was still hard in the field. With 2 laps to go Kevin's group only had 40sec. With one lap to go we all were together near the front because we knew the last 10k it was gonna be hard to move up on such narrow roads. Kevin got caught with 1k to go and with a few tight turns left to the finish there was a lot of reshuffling. We're were able to stay of same time as the GC leaders thanks to Bryan and Drew keeping us out of trouble in the end. We finished the 77.5miles in 2:44hrs. Legs are a little tired and thankfully we have a rest day tomorrow. Got another 2hr transfer today.

Day 8/Rest Day

Our hotel we're staying at for our rest day is in the middle of nowhere and very limited wifi. So everyone has a little bit of cabin fever. Also were are all so burned out from the food we decided to get a taxi to bring us into the town 30k away to get dinner. This taxi ride was extremely scary. Driving on the wrong side of the road and passing on blind corners. Pretty sure I feel safer on the last 3 laps of a Crit then I did in that taxi. We found the Golden Arches in town and had dinner at McDonalds. This was the best this ever. I normally don't eat McDondalds and this tasted like gold. That goes to show you how sick of this food we are. Next up was to find a massage. We all got massages to get are legs loosened up for today's stage. They had 3 of us to a room for a 45 min massage. There massage techniques were like nothing we were use to. Lots and lots of hitting and punching, haha. To say the least it hurt really bad and felt like I got beat up. I don't remember the last time I have woke up this sore. Today's stage was 4laps on a 25k course. On the front side there were 3 climbs all at about 1-2min long which was perfect for us. Then some nice fast flats that brought us to the last 3 climbs of the laps. These climbs were super fast and single file most of the day. Bryan made the main break that went away in the first lap. This allowed the rest of us to follow wheels with no responsibility since the main GC teams didn't make the break. There break got caught with about 20miles to go when another group went up the road. I made the break. Thankfully Kevin got me some water about 1min Before the attack. Thank god because I would of never finished. The break stuck to the finish. Though with about 15 guys in the break and only about 6GC guys there were a lot of riders sitting on. Us GC riders worked hard because we were all making time on the race leader. I finished 8th on the day but made some time up. The whole team raced incredible today and made my job super super easy. Guess I need some more McDonalds and to get beat up more often.

Day 9

Well today was pretty uneventful. We had 106km on a 6km loop. The only think that kept it interesting was we actually had a little bit of wind today. Lots a lots of attacks. The boys made my job easy and all I had to do was follow the GC guys. The race ended in a field sprit We have another 2hr transfer today. Tomorrow is a "crit" on a oval looking loop. Tomorrow doesn't count for GC a for some reason. So will be going all out for the stage win.