Stage 5 Report


Stage 5 of Tour of Poyang Lake

The tour is starting to take its toll on the peloton. After a long 5hr transfer yesterday everyone woke up pretty tired today. Plus with half the peloton sick were all trying to fit it. Today was the shortest stage but by far the hardest. Mostly flat 16km loop 5 times. Today was a good day for a break and we were all ready to race aggressive. Though today the team had some bad luck. On the opening lap Bryan went down hard. He eventually was able to get back in and finish the race some how after chasing for 40min. Ended up cracking his helmet and getting stitches on his wrist. The team races super aggressive and nothing was getting more then a few seconds off the front. Then with 2 laps to go a group of about 12 got away with some GC riders in it. The current race leader missed the move and set a super fast tempo. Though with one lap to go the break was around 2min up the road. The boys turned themselves inside out to bring the gap down. I really don't know how they were able to pedal so hard and fast. They killed it. At the finish the break stayed away but only had about 30sec. So the GC has changed a lot but believe we are still sitting somewhere in the top 5. It was a rough day for us but now we are ready to fight tomorrow and make up some time that was lost today. Got another 2hr transfer today.