Tour of Poyang Lake Stage 4

Conor gives another update

Stage 4 of Poyang Lake just finished up about an hour ago. What a fun day. 18km laps 5 times with some wind. The crowds were absolutely insane. Looked like crowds you would see at the US Pro Challenge back in CO.

The first two laps were filled with constant attacking. Everyone wanted to get up the rode and get some time since the top 7 guys are on the same time. The team rode very attentive and made sure large groups didn't make it up the road. Eventually a small group of about 4 made it up the road with one GC rider in the group.

The last 3 laps we're controlled by the race leaders team to keep the break in check. Though coming into one lap to go the break had almost 2min. At this point other teams got to the front to help the case. We decided to sit near the front as a team but wait till the last km to take the front. Though the last 10km were super sketchy with wide roads and lots of turns. The break eventually got caught with about 3km from the finish.

The team stuck together and was ready to take over the front. Though with these super wide roads there was a lot of swarming and we got separated in the last 2km. Isaac was able to hold a good position with the help of the boys and finish 5th on the stage. Everyone was on the same time so we still sit 4th overall.