Tour of Poyang Lake continues

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Day 3 in China

Today was another fun race. 12 laps on another hot dog shaped circuit. Was 5km a lap and then we took off on a 25km to the finish. The road was awesome. Nice a narrow with a lot of short little climbs and tight downhill corners. The circuits were super fast. Think we averaged around 33mph on them. Lots and lots of attacks but it was so fast nothing was getting away. Being on the front or sitting in was a difference of about 50 bpm on the HR so we decided to sit back for the most part. Once we left the circuits we had 25km the finish and knew we needed to be at the front since we didn't know what the course was like. We all got to the front and let a couple other teams control the front. We tried to take control later today so we could have a faster finish. About 10km to go we took control and Kevin, Drew, Tino and Bryan all gutted themselves for us. Pretty sure they all were able to do about 5 more rotations then the thought. The finish was on a small kicker so we knew we needed to sprint a little later. Kevin was the last guy that pulled off with about 1k to go. Isaac and I were able to jump on the train that came up on us pretty easily about 5 wheels. It was perfect I was sitting 3rd wheel with 500m to go. When we hit 200m to go I hesitated a little becAuse I could still not see the finish. This may have cost us the win and I feel terrible because the boys set me and Isaac up perfectly. I ended up 7th and Isaac 12th. The boys all did there job perfectly and the poor result falls on mine and Isaac shoulders. I know a top 10 isn't bad but I know we can win a stage. Were the best team here. I'm still sitting in 4th with the top 7 all sitting on the same time. Now we have a 3.5hr drive to our next hotel.

-Conor Mullervy