Day 2 of Poyang Lake


Stage 2 Report from Conor Mullervy

Another fun one today. The course was a 15k loop shaped like a hot dog. We did 8 laps so a total of 120k in right over 3 hours.

The course was super fast so it was really hard for anything to get away. We decided to sit back and wait till the end. About half way there was a group of 3 that got away which was perfect. The whole team was able to sit and take it easy all day. We just had to worry about the stray dogs walking across the course. Surprisingly only caused one crash.

With one lap to go the break was at 30sec. We were all at the front and with out really trying we were on the front. We knew this was way too early to take control but everyone just let us. So Drew, Kevin, Bryan and Tino all set tempo on the front with myself and Isaac on there wheels for the finish.

A lot of team would come up and try to take over but no team bad the fire power and the boys were still not even giving it there all.

Coming into the last 180 it was about 1.5k to the finish so they picked up the pace a lot. It was a small crest of the hill then at 1k it was super fast to the finish. The boys killed themselves and I was able to take over with about 700m and got Isaac to sit in decent position with about 600m to go. Still way to far out but he came up 5th on the stage and I still hold 4th overall

From the sounds of talking to other teams they said we did the best thing because for that last 15k it was super sketch behind us with a few big crashes.

Now getting ready for a 2.5hr transfer. These transfers are crazy. About 120 cars with the whole race. Each team has a sweet diesel suv as the team car. A brand not in the USA. Along with a ford transit for all the bikes and another for all the riders. During the travel the cops shut down all the hwys for the convoy to drive down. It's insane. So so cool.