Conor takes Most Aggressive Rider jersey

Day 1 of Tour of Poyang Lake

We've got a short race report from Conor.

Today was a crazy one. My bike showed up at 3am and then had to build it this morning before leaving for the race at 715. 15 laps on a 5k laps with an uphill finish. Drew took a spill early on. Lots of 180 that were super slick with dust. He was ok but took 5 laps to get back in. I made a break of 3 with 12 laps to go. Then a group of 5 bridged 15min later. Soon another group bridged and the break was 12 riders or so. The team rode incredibly. I could see them all at the front of the race on the 180s. Our break ended up with 1min and it stuck to the finish. Lots of attack a with 1k to go. I took a flyer before the last turn with the uphill finish about 300m. I crest the top with 100m to go in the lead and there is a car parked on the finish. I stop pedaling then the car takes off and 3 guys pass me. We tried to protest but nothing. I finished 4th and most aggressive. Hopefully I'll have a bit more luck tomorrow. Thanks for reading.