A Dark Night in Walterboro

Walterboro was on the of the craziest race that I have ever done; how there were no crashes this year has me memorized. You can't be scared of the dark at this race as every year it seems that the course somehow gets darker and darker on the back stretch.

The Walterboro Criterium is a six-corner criterium, with the last two corners being extremely tight and funneling down to a one lane finishing stretch. With Daniel Holloway being on such a roll this week our plan was to not instigate any major attacks and to allow Athlete Octane do most of the chasing. We put ourselves into every move that looked dangerous and consistently patrolled the front of the field. It soon became obvious this would be a field sprint with nothing getting more than 5 seconds off the front of the field at any given time. The back stretch was wide open which gave lots of opportunities for riders to move up; when you combine this with the pitch black, it became even more sketchy.

We all massed at the front to get Isaac into good position in the closing laps. Going in to the 2nd to last corner of the final lap, Isaac was in great position until Dan Holloway and Frank Travieso jumped going into the corner. Isaac quickly jumped on, but with the tight last corner and short narrow drive to the finish he could not come around, finishing a respectable 4th place result.

While we'd missed the podium we were all happy to have stayed safe and are ready to take on Spartanburg!

-Gavi Epstein